Sleep cooler and more comfortably than with other memory foam products. The combination of vertically ventilated memory foam, ventilated comfort layers, and contour cut gel pad allow you to sleep more comfortably night after night.

Kingsdwn Slpng Bty | Elisa Lux Plsh PT | Twin XL

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  • The Elisa features a contour cut gel pad, which lessens pressure against the body and dissipates heat through specially ventilated foams. This exclusive gel pad creates superior pressure distribution and 100% compression recovery for incredible durability and a longer mattress life. In addition, this mattress features a 3 inch layer of memory foam with vertical ventilations to keep your body cooler during the night. An added latex comfort layer offers resilient support while the lumbar support zone delivers added support in the region where it's needed the most.  Each comfort layer is vertically zoned and precisely layered to deliver maximum pressure relief while maintaining proper support.

    Tempered, individually wrapped coils create a more durable sleep surface with less motion disturbance. The Full Body Surround Edge Support System - a custo